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    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON)

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    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON) Empty ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON)

    Post  scythe on Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:14 pm

    1st map 1st half: 6-4
    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON) C5052deb478d1d4e57b0340b0cce05ca49c62a76

    2nd half: 8-2
    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON) 379243f13ca95eca3587d2345890d10229120920

    2nd map 1st half: 7-1
    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON) A0b58d0f4407a5a10c43042d9b09cfcdbeb7a017

    Total score 1st map: 14-6

    Total score 2nd map: 7-1

    Final score: 21-7

    Who played for ambu$h* scythe, bass1e and sonny.

    Who played for the opposing team: John Scatman (fuxii) , jesper and eplz.

    WP Smile

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    ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON) Empty Re: ambu$h* vs attenT [x] (WON)

    Post  sonny on Sat Aug 15, 2009 5:53 pm

    idd had much fun in that scrim hehe keep on fragging Very Happy

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