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    ambu$h* vs iimb . (WON)

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    ambu$h* vs iimb . (WON) Empty ambu$h* vs iimb . (WON)

    Post  scythe on Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:01 am

    2nd map 1st half: 8-2
    ambu$h* vs iimb . (WON) 121ef6210d28842435342f86254a4be391721feb

    2nd half: 5-2
    ambu$h* vs iimb . (WON) 0ee90b5922a4fac3d7e9aabd64deaddb4d797f42

    Total score 1st map: 12-8 (I don't have SS from the first map, because I forgot to make it Shocked)

    Total score 2nd map: 13-4

    Final score: 21-16

    Who played for ambu$h* scythe, bass1e, vision and Koen (sonny).

    Who played for the opposing team: gunshot, hyper, jesper and rinse (zEh d0g).

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