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    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON)

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    ambu$h leader

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    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON) Empty ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON)

    Post  scythe on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:31 pm

    1st map 1st half: 9-1
    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON) A2b80423b64f1434039ac9723ed89db6a45509d1

    2nd half: 6-4
    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON) 81d506486287136bc5f7e397826eefa648d34bbc

    2nd map: 5-8
    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON) 9fbb0f54a2e9a24e62451aaa0e03a8877a9faec6

    Total score 1st map: 15-5

    Total score 2nd map: 5-8

    Final score: 21-13

    Who played for ambu$h* scythe, bass1e, fa1th (failgamer), vintage, chrono and sonny.

    Who played for the opposing team: Trooper, Blan, fa1thz, renzo, Maze and mj.

    Blan did kicked us everytime if we said anything and if they said anything they didn't kick.

    w/e gg.

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    ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON) Empty Re: ambu$h* vs DeeKayZet (WON)

    Post  panda on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:05 pm

    wow, very nicely played...

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