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    Post  pulga on Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:43 pm

    Name and Previous Names: Pulga only Wink

    Age: 15

    Location: Turkey, but life in The Netherland ^^

    GUID (last 8 digits): b4c50f24

    Do you have the uo-mappack (REQUIRED): yes

    Do you have TS and a mic: ts(yes) mic(gonna buy :p)

    Previous Clans and why you left these clans: woyclan(its a bad clan with to much members..)

    X-fire: wusun10

    Why you Want To Join: im searching in uo for a good clan with skilled players and a clan without playing alot scrims Very Happy

    What can you offer ambu$h* active player with skills Very Happy

    Can you donate to our game/voice servers: idk

    Tell us a bit about yourself: im a cod1 player but i play sometimes uo to Wink


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