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    ambu$h* vs MIX (WON)

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    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) Empty ambu$h* vs MIX (WON)

    Post  scythe on Mon Aug 10, 2009 12:08 pm

    1st map 1st half: 7-3
    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) Bf75459f3cdfc98bfb85b81140b41cb6c48845d2

    2nd half: 5-5
    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) B83adc1b2b4e82134150638e697e02e5df1775d9

    2nd map 1st half: 5-5
    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) D05272a3f5aa65ba511b05da6dddc01604966122

    2nd half:
    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) 6323fe7872b456b54de987e800d996696826717f

    Total score 1st map: 12-8

    Total score 2nd map: 9-9

    Final score: 21-17 (The screenshot of the second map is taken too early, so he doens't fit with the score)

    Who played for ambu$h* scythe, bass1e and Koen.

    Who played for the opposing team: pearl (HACKS [on] [off]) , hyper (HAX ?? ON) and crazeeh (lulletje rozen water) .


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    ambu$h* vs MIX  (WON) Empty Re: ambu$h* vs MIX (WON)

    Post  crazeeh on Mon Aug 10, 2009 8:50 pm

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