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    ambu$h* vs b4p.series (LOSE)

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    ambu$h* vs b4p.series (LOSE) Empty ambu$h* vs b4p.series (LOSE)

    Post  scythe on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:36 pm

    1st map: 10-10
    ambu$h* vs b4p.series (LOSE) 2f6ff36fbe4ac958fe61c13f0029ebc2c9a0622f

    2nd map: 8-11
    ambu$h* vs b4p.series (LOSE) 8ed9729db43de7a21f62c43583eee199f6cbe796

    Total score 1st map: 10-10

    Total score 2nd map: 8-11

    Final score: 18-21

    Who played for ambu$h* scythe, bass1e, fa1th (failgamer) and vintage.

    Who played for the opposing team: Assgrass (Pegi), star and rwz.

    The second ss is taked to early so he doesn't fit with the score.


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